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Malaria Prevention

Malaria prevention is a primary goal of NIFAA, harnessing the power and influence of faith leaders to increase knowledge and encourage healthy social behavior change. NIFAA first educated faith leaders on the recognition of causes and symptoms, the importance of obtaining a long-lasting insecticide treated net (LLIN), and the use of LLIN especially for children and pregnant women. The faith leaders then in turn incorporate public health messages in their sermons or messages to their followers. The positive social and health change then comes from within the community. Results from the communication strategy are positive, as NIFAA-trained leaders and their followers have higher levels of knowledge, early treatment, and LLIN usage as a preventative measure.

NIFAA, nigerian interfaith action association
The World Bank recently concluded a study on the effectiveness of NIFAA's Malaria Booster Projects; preliminary analysis indicates substantial positive change in NIFAA states
NIFAA, nigerian interfaith action association

NIFAA members and faith leaders unroll a long-lasting insecticide treated net, a key preventative measure against malaria

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