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Data & Reports

Early Success

Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty
The center, with funding from the GHR Foundation, published an evaluation and analysis of NIFAA's early work in 2011, two years after NIFAA's founding. The report demonstrated NIFAA "offers a sustainable and replicable model to address this pressing health issue" according to J Andreas Hipple, Director of Programs at the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty. Read the full report here
within two years of operation, NIFAA's efforts raised knowledge of malaria causes/symptoms to 94%-100% among faith leaders and 71.8%-77.5% among followers

Emerging Data

The World Bank: Evaluating Malaria Booster Project States
Recently, the World Bank concluded a study evaluating the results of Malaria Booster Projects in NIFAA states. Preliminary analysis indicates promising success of the programs, as indicated in the infographic to the right. Complete analysis will likely be made available in the coming months.
NIFAA, nigerian interfaith action association
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