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Launched in 2009, NIFAA harnesses the influence and power of Nigeria’s faith leaders as they help combat disease, improve health outcomes, and address development challenges throughout the country. NIFAA’s early work revolved around life-saving community outreach and behavior change messaging related to the fight against malaria. Currently the organization represents a faith-led, action-driven capability read to expand its efforts. Initial investments catalyzed a groundbreaking relationship between the Government of Nigeria, the faith community, and development partners. As NIFAA approaches its eighth year, it demonstrates resilience and a capacity to adapt as a force for peace and reconciliation as it helps Nigeria meet the gaps in its Sustainable Development Goal targets.

Faith Leaders

NIFAA brings together leaders from local Muslim and Christian communities to combat public health issues in their communities


A strong relationship with the Nigerian government allows NIFAA to effectively advocate, and have a national reach in its efforts

Development Partners

Global development partners provide support and resources for NIFAA's programs through grants, supplies, and expertise

Community Outreach

Community outreach through the faith communities facilitate widespread reach of NIFAA's programs, creating sustainability within local communities

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