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Global and National research shows that individuals in Nigeria, due to their overwhelming connection to religion and their religious leaders are more likely to embrace religious communities as vast sources of trust and social capital. Interfaith leaders from religiously diverse institutions have a unique opportunity to promote vaccine trust and increase accessibility. Faith communities and places of worship are at the center of community life and have a central role both in guiding their members towards positive health seeking behaviors and provision of spiritual guidance.In an unprecedented era of misinformation, conspiracies, and confusion, fuelled by a lack of trust in government, it becomes imperative for faith leaders to play a pivotal role in leveraging their platforms as sources of credible and accurate information.

The Method

NIFAA uses a multi-pronged approach to address COVID-19.This includes advocacy to the leadership of state religious bodies; CAN and NSCIA/JNI , workshops to sensitize and train faith leaders and the creation of IEC materials.

NIFAA works with the leadership of the faith bodies to develop content specific IEC materials  laden with theologically accepted information on COVID-19 .

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