Mobile Health Platform

NIFAA plans to partner with Medic Mobile (MM) to develop a platform for monitoring indicators and reporting gaps in service and commodities. The aim is to build a robust mobile health platform that will help faith health community mobilizers measure effectiveness and impact, and report results as well as systems gaps. The platform will also allow faith leaders to report gaps in key health services and commodities, such as stock-outs, lack of skilled service providers and other issues.

The Model

NIFAA, nigerian interfaith action association

NIFAA's Role

NIFAA will engage faith leaders in mosques and churches to identify vulnerable households, using the Medic Mobile platform to efficiently disseminate this information to the Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) contacts within the in State Ministry of Health (SMoH) to improve community health worker service delivery. This information will be used by Faith Community Health Mobilizers (FCHMs) to more effectively target households for messaging. Given their close ties to the community and service providers, FCHMs will ensure that community health workers are aware of and providing essential coverage to those identified households.